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Below is a list of website links to a variety of other ministry-based resources and tools neatly collected into this central location. We hope you find these most useful! Simply click on a link to be taken to that resource on the web.

Official Adventist Links

The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church: www.adventist.org

East-Central Africa Division: www.ecd.adventist.org

The Sabbath School Network: www.ssnet.org

Grace Link – Children Sabbath School Materials: www.gracelink.net

Adventist News Network: news.adventist.org

University of Eastern Africa, Baraton: www.ueab.ac.ke

Adventist University of Africa: www.aua.ac.ke

Adventist Church Locator: www.adventistdirectory.org

Adventist Church Archives: documents.adventistarchives.org