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Kizingo SDA church started as a Sabbath school following a resolution by the mother Church Ziwani SDA to set up a Sabbath school in Tudor and Kizingo areas. This was done to alleviate the problem of congestion at Ziwani and in line with the outreach /witnessing goals and the great commission of the church ‘ Go ye therefore and make disciples….. Matt. 28:19-20 ’

First Place of Worship in 1983

Early in 1983 the Ziwani Church identified a place for worship at Mbaraki primary school. Elder Manuel Raposo was seconded to head the Sabbath School as a Superintendent . All appeared to have started well, but towards the end of the same year they were given notice to vacate the premises.

God led elder Raposo to Mrs Fernandes a proprietor of Valentine High school whom he had known shortly. He discussed the predicament the Sabbath school was facing . Although she was a staunch Catholic, the spirit of the Lord touched her and she allowed the Sabbath school to meet in one of the classrooms.

Transition Period in 1985

In 1985 some internal misunderstanding arose between the business partners and the owner of the building premises. Mrs Fernandes decided to move the school to St. Annes’ secondary school behind Ralli Hse Nyerere Avenue. Because of the love she had for our Sabbath school members, she requested if the members would move with her.

The members had no option , they had to comply though many started growing cold spiritually. After a period of five years, Mrs Fernandes moved the school again to her own premises in Ganjoni. This was one of the darkest period of the Sabbath school, it faced imminent death, many of the members were disillusioned by change of venue, not only stopped attending regular Sabbath meeting but also abandoned their Adventist faith.

Manuel Raposo kept on shepherding the small group. Many were scattered but as God says in the Bible ‘ those who will endure the tribulations and sufferings of this world shall be my remnant group’ . Indeed a little remnant persisted and moved to Valentine Primary school Ganjoni.

Evangelistic Effort in 1991

During the third quarter of 1991, the Youths of Ziwani SDA church spearheaded an evangelistic effort at the Tom Mboya primary school. It was suggested after the effort to to set up there an English speaking Sabbath school . Following the previous collapse of Tudor Sabbath school, it was strongly recommended that Kizingo Sabbath school be strengthened with a view of becoming a full fledged English speaking church.

In the fourth quarter of 1991, the Kenya Coast field gave an approval to elevate Kizingo Sabbath school into an English speaking Church. This was a welcoming news considering the way the Sabbath school had wondered in the wilderness, this ignited Elder Raposo further and continued looking for a lasting solution for the expected Church. Contacts were made to a few places and thank God that one servant of the Lord then serving as the CEO in the government felt a lot of sympathy and discussed with his entire senior management team to allow the Church to use their Hall for worship on Saturdays. Thereafter the unbelievable happened ! a letter of consent to use the premises was received with praises to our God.

First English Speaking Fellowship in 1992

On the 4th of January 1992, the now Kizingo SDA Church happily celebrated their first English speaking fellowship Sabbath with 25 members in attendance.

The spirit and love for God continued to grow amongst the few members and by the middle of 1992 the number had grown to over sixty Sabbath school members. Eventually, God answered our prayers and provided a lasting solution and were allocated a plot where the current sanctuary stands.

As we continued to fellowship in the Hall, we experienced a lot of interruptions on Sabbath days due to social functions of the club. However, we fasted and continued to pray. This motivated us to put up a temporary structure in our own allocated plot. Construction started in Mid 1993 and was carried out members of the Church While the Adventist men cleared the grass, our dear ladies ensured that there was enough porridge and water for drinking.

Moving into Our Temporary Structure in 1993

On September 26th, 1993, we moved into our temporary structure. It was indeed a joyous moment as it coincided with the start of the quarterly ‘ The Great Builders ’ ( the return of the Jews nation from exile to Jerusalem under Zerubbabel with initiatives from Nehemiah and Ezra). The memory text was from Isaiah 6:8 – The Lord asking whom shall I send………Here am I send me.

Love and unity continued to grow in the Church.The famous Gloryland train ( going for visitations ) never derailed , we reached and prayed for the sick and encouraged the bereaved. Love for one another as Christians is not only revealed in words and claims, but also proved and demonstrated in what we actually do. Therefore God’s love is manifested in action and should apply to us as a Church.

Our Mission As a Church

Our Mission as a church is ‘ To bring the people of God to a meaningful fellowship, witnessing to every neighbourhood , preaching the Good news , serving mankind and developing disciples for Christ’. Our Vision for the Church is to have a united , God fearing and loving membership . A Church that has warmth and caring, a Church that stands for the truth it teaches.
The ground breaking foundation for the permanent church building was done by Pr. Japheth Kazungu in 1998. The completed church building was dedicated in December 2011 by Pr. Zecharia Marwa (Kenya Coast Field Executive Director). In December 2013 Kizingo SDA Church was granted a full district status.

A loveless Christian is the worst representative of God. What Jesus said still applies to us to-day ( John 13:35 ). Let us stand united or else we fall on the hands of the evil one.

May God Bless You!